“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela.


Spark a Life is a fundraising initiative to help vulnerable children stay in school in Ghana. Children are at risk of dropping out of school every day because their families cannot afford to cover the basic costs related to going to school. Together with our local partner Nneka Youth Foundation, we ensure children even from the most remote rural areas in Ghana can stay in school and achieve their full potential.

Spark A Life is passionate about ensuring every child has the possibility to realize their dreams. While great strides have been made in Ghana to close the wealth gap, the reality is, many children, especially in rural areas, are not able to go to school and many drop out of school before finishing their Basic School education.

Poverty in rural villages is still a reality which leads to children having to carry out menial jobs to help bring extra income to the family household often instead of going to school. Other factors such as high teenage pregnancy mean girls are particularly at risk of dropping out of school young and do not return to finish their education. The percentage of absenteeism has increased especially this year due to COVID 19 and the economic impact it has had on families..

Spark & Nneka youth foundation

Spark Africa is partnering with NGO Nneka Youth Foundation which has 10 years experience working in rural areas across four regions in Ghana to inspire and encourage children to stay in school and become assets to their communities.  

Nneka Youth Foundation does this through inspirational summer camps, teacher training, youth mentorship programs and vocational training programs for youth.  Through its work it identifies some children whose family economic situation is so difficult that money is not enough to cover the basic costs associated with going to school; school fees, transport, uniform, school books and feeding.


Our goal this year, is to ensure 100 children, who would otherwise be at risk of dropping out of school, due to financial difficulties, can stay in school.

With Nneka Youth Foundation as our partner on the ground, we will ensure the children who most need this support receive the funding to cover costs going to school up to the end of this academic year.


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