Ignite your Spark Podcast by Sonia Sharara Said


By Sonia Sharara Said

Welcome to Ignite your Spark, the 1st 100% African Podcast on Personal Development that gives you insights and tools on how to Transform Your life.

Each month, I bring you an inspiring person from the most brilliant minds in Africa to help you discover How to Unleash Your Spark, and tap into your potential so that you can live a life of Meaning and Purpose.

Transform your life with Nana Amoako-Anin, founder of Bliss Yoga Accra

In this first episode of Ignite Your Spark, Nana Amoako-Anin joins Sonia Sharara Said and takes us on her journey of change and transformation, from being a successful and highly paid Manhattan District Attorney in New York City to coming back to Ghana 10 years ago, where she created Bliss Yoga Accra. She opens up about her struggles and personal challenges and show us the way to live a healthy and balanced Life.