I created SPARK AFRICA in 2018, and my mission is to help people to Find their SPARK, discover their purpose and come out empowered, happy and committed to live a meaningful life.

The SPARK is the creative genius, the brilliance, the hero within each and every one of us that has been forgotten and buried deep down inside of us. And most of us have lost sight of the spiritual connection that gives our lives meaning, purpose and a clear direction.

Finding your SPARK is a journey back to your core, to your essence, to who you truly are.


You will discover that life becomes magnificent as you start retracing your steps and you start finding your way back; because your SPARK has always been here. You were born with it. It is whole, complete, bold and confident. It comes from your soul. It comes from withinAnd there is no greater journey in life than the journey of self-discovery.

The journey back to yourself. 

You now know that Finding your SPARK is not about changing yourself, it’s about becoming yourself. Becoming more of you. Get ready to remove any mental barriers standing in your way and align with your authentic self. 

This is what Finding Your Spark is all about: discovering and becoming the person you want to be. 

Welcome on the journey! You will love it!


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